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lesson of rip van willow

Life size bronze of Rip Van Winkle sculpted by...

Life size bronze of Rip Van Winkle sculpted by Richard Masloski, copyright 2000. Located between the Town Hall and the Main Street School. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in my youth, one summer I went walking
all alone, with only nature for talking

under the weeping willow
I curled up using grass as a pillow

and began to dream of her
under endless beautiful skies of azure

her long golden hair was flowing
and a gentle spring breeze blowing

until dancing with her in fields of multicolor flowers
I lost all track of the passing of the hours

when I woke up I was old and gray
and she and my youth had long gone away

sadly the hands of time cannot be reset
so, let this be one lesson you never forget


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the night of the lessons of the spinning vortex of time

Time Selector

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

I had this dream last night that time was not linear but was like a spinning vortex that could be traversed given the correct entry point. I somehow found an point in time that was represented in an object that I could touch whereupon my awareness was propelled back into a point in my past. Each time that I touched the object, I seemed to be drawn to a nexus point in my past that represented something that I had done wrong or not done. So, with my new awareness, I tried to make things better, but things kept unfolding in new ways that were unanticipated and somehow just as wrong or worse. Then, I was returned to the present.  I went through this whole process, looping over and over again, until I finally returned one last time to the point where I discovered the object and I destroyed it in order to set things all back as they were. When my awareness returned to the present for the final time, I was in a room with all of my best friends from various points in my life, now all old like myself, including the one I loved most. I went to each of my friends and shook hands or hugged and then sat down next to my love and smiled before waking up.

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time has forgotten me

Slow Time in Wrist Watch on Dry Leaf

Slow Time in Wrist Watch on Dry Leaf (Photo credit:

time passes so slowly
I’m waiting for to go
when I’ll return to here
that I do not know

I seem to wait for forever
time, time has forgotten
time has forgotten me

waiting for a woman
waiting for a while
waiting for my time to come
time to walk that last mile

I seem to wait for forever
time, time has forgotten
time has forgotten me

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the short end

Who are you looking at?

Who are you looking at? (Photo credit: yewenyi)

no time for fun
there are things to get done
no time for flowers
dealing with nuclear super powers

no time for drinks
or finding missing links
no time for games
or disoriented dizzy dames

no time for us
and no time to fuss
no time to waste
exploring outer space

no time to listen to the words
to the song of the birds
no time to listen to the sound
of the world slowly spinning round

we’re all running on borrowed time
paying for an ancient crime
hoping to get what we’re due
but I fear we all got the short end, too


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if only for a moment or two

1 Oh doctor the dream is so horrible

1 Oh doctor the dream is so horrible (Photo credit: Edith Ogleby)

when she smiles at me
listening patiently
oh so caring
concerned only for me

when I spill myself out
and she tenderly
wipes the mess
from the floor
with words of kindess
and wisdom

when I am unsure of myself
and she says “go ahead”
“you can do it”
her belief in me
encourages me
to be me

and I know that
I love her
if only for a moment, or two

until we go our separate ways
now that my time is over
parting with a handshake
with me feeling
better than before
thank you, dear counselor

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Meandering Thoughts


Image via Wikipedia

random thoughts of this and that
come and go
surges of inspiration flash by
never to be seen again

half finished essays
half baked ideas
disjointed glimpses
unconnected trails of thought
winding in and out
leading nowhere
beginning no place
and amounting to nothing

nothing more than an instant of eternity
here and gone
to mark the passing of time
in my life
a tired life

unfocused eyes stare
as heavy eyelids close

and random thoughts meander
noting time
there is time enough later
for whatever

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Like Time and All Else

English: Montreal Clock Tower Français : Tour ...

Image via Wikipedia

like time and all else
my love has wasted away
only the tattered grey strands
of my once multicolored dreams

like time and all else
we pass by
everything and everyone
moves in one direction
leading nowhere
and no remains

like time and all else
our hands move in endless circles
and we point in all directions
our hearts tick our lives away
and we wait
and we watch
for whom the bell tolls
but we can only wonder
where it all goes

like time and all else
like time and all else
like time
like time
like time

“Like Time and All Else” © 1983 Ronald K. House

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