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English: Green eyes of a female

Green eyes of a female (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw her standing at the crowded Purdue football stadium
and for a brief moment lost in time our eyes met
as she smiled, it seemed to me that we were the only ones there
and that’s something that I can never forget

I saw her standing with a group of college girls
just waiting to go to class in a crowded hallway
as I passed by her close enough to enjoy her bouquet
and yet, she was so very, very far away

only now, after the passing of many long years
do I wonder if I saw her in a dream or if she was real
and if in the moment that our eyes made contact
she was somehow aware of how special that she made me feel


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Jerry carries The Midnight Snack, unaware of T...

Jerry carries The Midnight Snack, unaware of Tom following him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

once, I was without you
and I didn’t even care
I didn’t know about you
I was totally unaware

and all the time without you
I didn’t know I was lost and nowhere
I didn’t dream about you
I didn’t even dare

until one day, I came upon you
too perfect to be real
for the first time, I was lonely
for the first time, I could feel

every little thought became all about you
every morning, every night and every day
all I could focus on was you
as if the whole world went away

and now I know that I love you
even though there is no way
for me to ever get to know you
since, you won’t give me the time of day

so, I must now go on without you
although, I know that you are there
I will never be able to reach out and touch you
because, of my existence, you are mostly unaware

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we were just friends

waving goodbye

waving goodbye (Photo credit: ruminatrix)

we were just friends, she and I
and her friendship made me one very lucky guy

that friendship should have been more than enough for me
but how I longed to be inside her heart and soul, so heavenly

to caress her flesh worshiping every single silky smooth inch
to hold her body next to mine in the most tightest ever clinch

to spend eternity sharing tender words with her kindred soul
to give myself freely to her and to lose all of my self control

but we parted with a hug and smile and a wave
so, ‘we were just friends’ should be the words written on my grave

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from afar


Telescope (Photo credit: ny156uk)

I thought to study my love from afar
keeping a safe distance between us
so I never had to fear or risk her rejection
and my love for her I never actually did profess

looking back over the years this is obviously
a very silly and stupid thing for me to do
for although I knew her every move and line
her heart and soul were precluded from my view

so, it’s hard to say with any clarity
just what it was I actually loved from afar
did it really have anything at all to do with her
or was it all just in my mind so bizarre?

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it’s getting late now and I’m looking back

Unrequited high school love

Unrequited high school love (Photo credit: jfew)

it’s after dinner now, time to kick off my shoes
and sit down in my comfy reclining chair
with my laptop balanced carefully upon my lap
and my notebook of old poems sitting right there

I look through the old yellowed pages
trying to find something worth blogging about
looking over many old halfhearted college attempts
to capture all my fears and self doubts

and oh so many, many love poems I must have written
saying the same thing over and over again
I wonder who I was really trying to convince
that my deepest unrequited love wasn’t simply all in vain

some poems obviously dating all the way back into my time in high school
where I was introspective and way too self-absorbed
boy, could I really go on and on about myself
now, that is all just leaving me so bored

but here or there I find a little nugget
a line or a phrase that still brings back a memory or a smile
and I spend a few minutes to rework or revise it
and in the end, I guess it all somehow seems worthwhile

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Karen Nash

Karen Nash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel an emotion that’s scarin’
but I just can’t keep from carin’
about you Karen

your dark eyes keep me starin’
your quick smile keeps me darin’
to open my heart to you Karen

I feel my heart a tearin’
and the pain is too much for bearin’
unless, I’m with you Karen

would you let me know how I’m farin’
is there any chance of us pairin’?
I’m waiting hear your answer Karen

for to love you I’m a rarin’
and I just can’t keep from carin’
about you my dearest Karen


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Thin, dark pickguard on acoustic guitar

Image via Wikipedia

Pam I love you
more than any girl
I’ve ever met before
this I know for sure
because now I’m alone
when I’m without you
I’m alone again, alone again

I just
can’t stand
to be
without you
my love
Pam, Pam

the sun was shining overhead
the day I met you
Pam, I love you

Pam you mean more to me
than Life itself
and now that your gone
I’m all by myself
without you
I can’t live, can’t live

my life has no meaning
when I’m without you
I can’t forget you

Pam I want you
more than anything I’ve ever wanted
and I want to tell you
that I’ll always be here waiting for you
always waiting, always hoping

I just
can’t stand
to be
without you
my love
Pam, Pam

the sun will shine once again
when you return to me
how happy we will be
Pam just you and me
Pam just you and me

I just
can’t stand
to be
without you
my love
Pam, Pam

Pam, Oh Pam

“Pam” © 1981 Ronald K. House

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