Straw was an English post-britpop band that only released one album in 1999. They completed a second album but it was never released. A few tracks from it can be found on youtube, though.

Weird Superman

Highly recommended.

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Bad Moves

‘Bad Moves’ are a power pop band from Washington, D.C. Their music is available on Bandcamp.

This first video is for my favorite song from their 2018 album “Tell No One”.

Cool Generator

This next video is from their 2020 album “untenable”.

Cape Henlopen

Highly recommended.

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Michelle Malone – 1977

Michelle Malone is a rock and blues singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Her latest album, ‘1977’ was released in April of 2022.

Dust Bowl Man

Even the Queen

Not Who I Used To Be

Highly recommended.

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The Nines

The Nines are a great Canadian power pop band. I wanted to share these two great rare tracks avaliable on Bandcamp, and check out my earlier post about Steve Eggers and the band.

Highly recommended.

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Back to the Egg

After Paul McCartney lost Linda, I took all of my Paul McCartney and Wings songs off of my favorites playlist. I just couldn’t listen to any of those songs with her background vocals without feeling a strong empathy for Paul’s loss. I’m so glad I’ve overcome that feeling and have added back all of their songs to my list now.

Recently, a song from the ‘Back to the Egg’ album played in my car and I remembered how much I enjoyed that new wave inspired album when it first came out in 1979. The album followed the much softer ‘London Town’ which I found very charming and enjoyed a lot, too.

Getting Closer

Old Siam, Sir

So Glad To See You Here

I don’t think the critics cared for ‘Back to the Egg’ much back in the day, but then I’ve always felt critics were too hard on Wings. The world always needs more silly little love songs. It just does.

Highly recommended, of course. It’s Paul.

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After the Australian band Aspirin broke up, most of that band later went on to form Kinematic. Their music is available on Bandcamp and they have videos on youtube which I focused on in a prior post.

This first song is my favorite from their album ‘Kites’.


These next two songs are a couple of my favorites from their album ‘Time & Place’.

Miss McCabe

The Boston Molasses Disaster

Highly recommended.

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The ‘Sneakers’ were a North Carolina power pop band. After breaking up, members Chris Stamey and Will Rigby went on to form ‘the dBs’ while Mitch Easter formed ‘Let’s Active’.

S’il Vous Plait

Non Sequitur

Highly recommended.

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Should I even question?

My rational and mathematical mind
Ponders the inexplicable passions
That you have somehow unleashed within me

Can I use Maxwell’s equations?

Does your body produce an electromagnetic wave
That by induction finds its way deep inside me
And sets up a resonance
That makes my entire body hum
With pleasure and anticipation?

And has my old dog body
Now been trained like Pavlov’s dog
To hum at the mention of your name
Or the mere thought of you?

Does this all start
Deep at the mysterious quantum level?

Were our particles once joined
And linked in the far distant past
Within a fiery star that exploded
And separated us for billions of years
And vast inconceivable distances
Only to finally be destined to meet again
Here and now?

Have we always and forever
Been connected
With stange spooky action at a distance
Bound and tied together
Tugging on each other’s heartstrings
Faster than light?

Is this all simply hard-coded in my DNA?

Have I been designed to seek you out
Just you, only you
And to desire to merge with you?
Does every cell in my body
Now quiver with recognition
And anticipation at the sight of you?

And were we actually brought together
By a series of unlikey events
Wonderful, magical
But extraordinarily unlikely events

Was this all somehow inevitable?
Were we destined to be?

Were you always destined
To be within my heart
And held close in my arms?

A soul mate
That forever overlaps
Intertwines and mingles and tingles
And always belongs with me?

Should I even question?
Should I even question such love?

Or maybe…

It is
What it is.

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Her every word

I hang on her every word with rapt attention
Become interested in any topic that she mentions

I anxiously anticipate hearing her responses
Digging into her words to uncover all the nuances

Her shared thoughts are fascinating and deep
I hold each of them like a treasure to forever keep

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The Mayflies USA

The Mayflies USA are a great power pop band from North Carolina. These songs are all from their 1999 album ‘Summertown’.

A Change in the Weather

You and Me


Down With Peter Green

Highly recommended.

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