I dreamed about when my Dad and I worked together
A simple moment in time that I will always remember

We were building my red pinewood derby car
The best car in the derby that year by far

Dad did some magic that really made the wheels spin
And the little red car went on to win after win

The year before my car had lost every race
And my Dad wasn’t happy to see the tears on my face

Of course, my Dad has since sadly passed away
So, I woke up thinking of him and crying again today


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Every moment

She was lovely and so very sweet
The kind of girl you dream to meet

She caused the stars to twinkle with joy at night
And made every moment a delicious delight

She thought of others first and was so nice
Some women really are sugar and spice

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Tonight, will everything be alright?
Or will you and I have another pointless fight?

Fights over nothing worth remembering tomorrow
Is it worth all the pain, stress,and sorrow?

We’ve learned all the hidden buttons to push
And we know how to corner, attack and ambush

What’s the point when nobody can win?
And we both end up where we’ve already been

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All that is nice

Unconditional love is all that is nice
Even though it can mean years of self sacrifice

We care for our children until they are grown
And mourn the empty nest when they fly on their own

And if, with grandchildren, we are ultimately blessed
We spoil them with love and give them our best

For there is no satisfaction to be found in “me, me, me”
That path will only leave you sad and lonely

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She was lovely as a total eclipse of the moon
Wrapped me in a smothering velvet cocoon

Her love was icy cold and sinister
She was the mortician and the minister

She locked me in her black ball and chain
And happily hypnotized my normally logical brain

She held me in her arms and suddenly stabbed me
Walking away so coolly calm and so casually

She slinked back later laughing, just to rip out my heart
Stepped on it with black high heels and kicked it apart

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Pretty blue parakeet

My daughter’s pretty blue parakeet
Passed just a few short days ago
I took care of him in my room
For about nine years or so

He couldn’t stay in her room
Because of her many cats
Who tried to climb up to the cage
Like little furry acrobats

Once we had two birds that I thought fought
And didn’t seem to get along
Until I found little eggs at the bottom of the cage
So I guess I was wrong

But now my room is quiet again
And I am sitting here all alone
There’s no more loud chirping
When I’m watching TV or on the phone

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It doesn’t get any better

Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair
Tragedy and sadness are everywhere

Our beloved friends and family pass away
Surely not everything is okay

Fleeting magical moments are shared
Fears that, in the end, no one cared

Nothing is stronger than human love
And nothing is higher than above

As two lovers in the distance hold hands and kiss
It doesn’t get any better than this

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Glory be

I know there’s a lot that I’ve done wrong
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me
Help me rise up to sing this simple song
La de da, la de da, la da de

Life is such a wonderful and magical gift
Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully
Can you feel our souls beginning to lift?
Set us free, set us free, set us free

We have never stood so proud and tall
Can you see, can you see, can you see
Let the warm sun shine down on us all
Glory be, glory be, glory be

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sentence of sentience

What is purpose of our sentience, I wonder?
Is it some cosmic joke or accidental blunder?

Are we the luckiest of all creatures in the universe?
Or have we been saddled with what amounts to a curse?

Is there some meaning behind it all?
As the years go by and civilizations rise and fall

Is there a creator for all this beauty and tragedy?
Or has a random roll of the dice resulted in all we see?

Everything that exists has a beginning and an end
And one day we all return to ashes blowing in the wind

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Hello goodbye

Today, I went around the block
On a solitary bike ride
Leaving my liver in pain
And my soul dissatisfied

I may get a transplant
As many people do
Or I may not make it
That can happen too

We all know that in the end
Everybody dies
To fear the inevitable
Would not be logical or wise

I know that being optimistic
Would be for the best
But my body feels like it’s time
For the long peaceful rest

The darkness is empty and quiet
As I rest and close my eyes
Drawn into a day dream
About endless dark skies

Life is beautiful and precious
And I’ve enjoyed my time
And had fun sharing on this blog
My simple words and rhyme

Now, there is nowhere left on Earth
Where I want to go
And no one that I want to greet
With a insincere hello

So, there’s nothing much left
That I feel I should do
Except write down this final goodbye
To all of you

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Before I get through

Perhaps only a few months left
And I know it’s too late for regret

But I’m thinking of a 4 door Ford sedan from 39
And dreaming that someday I could make it mine

I’d drive my daughter around in this cool old car
Just enjoying the ride whether we went near or far

And maybe buy my dream 69 Camaro in red or blue
That would be the greatest thing to do

Driving my grandchildren and enjoying the California sun
I can’t think of anything that would more fun

But I’m quickly running out of time
So these cars will never be mine

And anyways, I reckon I’ve got better things to do
Before I get through

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Wrapped in my arms

I had a good dream last night
One without any scary fright

I was back in places from my distant youth
But wiser this time from knowing the truth

For a moment, I was lost and uncertain
Destined to be alone at the final drop of the curtain

Until it ended with her wrapped in my arms
And I was emersed in her wonderful charms

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The final frame

I feel like I’m set up and positioned
And lined up like an old beat up bowling pin
Trapped playing in a relentless game
That I know I can never win

In front of me someone is holding a black ball
With an expectant smile exposed
Because the game is nearing the final frame
And his total score he already knows

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Little red cabin

There’s a little red cabin that sits
On a high ridge overlooking a clear lake
Left untouched for many a long year now
As a boat in the distance leaves a trailing wake

The lake was created by a TVA dam
Surrounded by hills and tall green trees
With fish you can clearly see swimming
And endless leaves blowing in the breeze

We used to sit on the back deck
Relaxing and rocking in chairs
As the insects and birds sang a cacophony of sound
And we were unburdened from our day to day cares

We would go out on our big blue boat
To swim and water ski and just have fun
And return home to our little red cabin
Tired and fulfilled when the day was done

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