not a big shebang or anythang

I made friends with a cute girl
that I ran into last night in my dreams
I believe that she works at OSH or Sears
and has a long distance boyfriend in Atlanta, it seems

she tossed her dark hair and smiled at me
as if to flirt with this silly old man
as we talked about our shared love for sci fi
and discussed briefly the theory of the big bang

she asked if I still had the multi-band radio
that she sold me the last time we met
and I politely lied and said that I did
joking aloud that it’s waves hadn’t broken yet

I’ve seen her once or twice before in my dreams
and I really hope to talk to her someday again
but, just like most things in life, that is out of my control
so, I have no idea of the how or the why or the when

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mods and odds

Door Panel Mods (photo by RK House)

Door Panel Mods (photo by RK House)

there are performance mods
like adding a cold air intake
or porting a throttle body
upon which some fixate

then there are the exterior mods
like adding stripes or a spoiler
over which others obsess endlessly
and work hard like a real toiler

I myself have focused on interior mods
things that are small and easy to do
like some stainless steel trim plates
that I stuck on with some glue

I suppose you wonder what I’m talking about
and I can see how it must sound very odd
but there are those of us that love to tinker
and feel that our cars are a fun thing to mod

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addicted to Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis has so much passion for restoring old homes
and it really shines through on her Rehab Addict TV show
it is amazing to watch her restore old house’s to their original beauty
which if you ever watched her show you would certainly know

I think I’m seriously addicted to watching her on Rehab Addict
and I’m pretty sure it’s a habit for which there is no cure
of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that she is very lovely to look at
so, this is one little addiction that I think I can easily endure

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purty ride

2015-01-18 13.37.11

photo by R K House

outside it might be foggy and a little cold
and I am balding, graying and getting old
but my Dodge Challenger is a sweet purty ride
and she sure makes me feel really good inside



double your money back, guaranteed

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you
that in life there just are no guarantees
I know this is a sad inconvenient fact
and it’s not one that everybody agrees

sold false marketing gimmicks that we really can’t afford
while deluding ourselves into believing politician’s promises and lies
as the press reports the disaster of the day then looks the other way
and so, in the end, no one will be the wise

of course, what does this one cynical old man really know?
for all I know, everything could turn out right
and if you want to believe in that, then just don’t listen to me
my words and poetry are plainly simple and trite

but remember that it’s said that nothing in life is certain
except for the proverbial death and taxes
so, I say that you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride
and smile as your mind and body becomes one and relaxes

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all night on the far side of the crazy galaxy

Last night I dreamed that I was homesteading on the far side of the galaxy.  Things were not working out because the area around the home was slowly being flooded by a noxious gas.  The gas was so thick that it was like an expanding balloon.  I remember feeling bad that we were going to have to leave all our hard work behind, abandon our beautiful home and the strange planet we were trying to live on and return to our planet of origin.

The night before that, I had dreamed that I bought a second Dodge Challenger.  This one was a convertible (which they don’t make) in bright Header Orange.   It had full bench seats in white leather with a big pleated pattern and Plum Crazy purple trim.  Perhaps, color coordination is a skill that I lack while dreaming?  I was driving around and working as a spy.  Although, not a good spy, my attempt at covert hiding was to simply lay down in the bench seats.

Speaking of spying, as I slept late this morning, I dreamed that I was living underground in caves.  I hate caves.  I don’t even like the idea that there may be caves underneath me in the ground.  I guess humans in the distant past in my dream had escaped an apocalypse by moving into these caves.   I was being sent by the group I was living with to spy upon another group.  My group was led by these young girls, who I later realized were descendants of cheerleaders.  The queen that was in charge was the one that sent me on my mission because I was expendable, no doubt.  I woke up before I could complete my mission.  So much left undone in the world of dreams, it seems.


repeat and fade

and variation
and variation


harmonies overlapping
with all hands clapping
and our feet, feet, feet
a stomping to the beat, beat, beat

repeat and fade
and fade

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to spread their wings

grandpa is missing
having his granddaughter always about
now that his son’s family
have once again moved out

of course, I’m happy
that they now have a home of their own
and they didn’t move out
just to make grandpa feel all alone

they just want to have some space
and to spread their wings
and for them to stand on their own
is the most natural of things

I guess I can get used
to having some peace and quiet now
and I’m sure I’ll be okay
although I’m not sure exactly how


pretty much the same

sometimes, I think many years of stresses
have levied a significant toll upon me
but then we all have to face stresses in life
and we all seem to deal with them differently

mounting counts of dearly loved ones no longer here
and all those accumulated regrets of paths not taken
or unending daily tales of death, disease and destruction
which can easily leave us with our faith badly shaken

life is a wonderful gift of which I am undeserving
so, I really have no reason to complain
and upon contemplating whatever comes next
I reckon that I would feel pretty much the same

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thoughts of ending love

A Japanese couple holding hands on the beach

A Japanese couple holding hands on the beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

do not cry, my most dearest love
although, it is true I will soon be gone
and the visible trails of my short physical existence
will fade away like the setting sun

please, may the many memories of our love
be an eternal and enduring comfort to thee
for you know that is how in the end
that I would always wish for things to be

if I could, I would never let go of the memories
of all of our shared days of glorious sunshine
just us, walking together holding hands on sandy beaches
two lovers, entwined forever, floating in my mind

while the soothing sounds of ocean waves
still softly crash on far distant sandy shores
all that I once cherished in this earthly realm
and all that is left behind of me, is now yours

yes, my most dearest love, I would wish to remember
every most precious moment that I spent with thee
and wish that my thoughts of our unending love, like waves
would carry on through the infinite cosmos, endlessly



NBC Nightly News broadcast

NBC Nightly News broadcast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no doubt our traditional press and mass media
are mainly driven by the need for ratings and money
and so the nightly news is full of tragedy and terror
instead of mostly stories that are happy and sunny

but, it’s hard to blame the modern visual media
for the fact that we seem to enjoy such awful scenes
they only give us just what we want most to watch
and I don’t know exactly what that really means

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give up the ghost

I came to this web page
thinking I had something to say
but, then I faltered and stopped
having totally lost my way

I was feeling rather blah and down
but thinking about nothing in particular
other than to try to write a post
about something that wasn’t vehicular

I could write about the meaning of love
if I had any idea what it was all about
but I have to admit that I don’t
I’m totally clueless without a doubt

so I’ll have to give up
in my attempt to add a new post
and I have to admit that my blog
appears to have given up the ghost


not so secret affair with Chally

is it strange that I like to hold her
so very close and firmly in my grasp
and that I push her to her very limits
because I know she can’t be outclassed

even when she wraps gently around me
and forcefully pushes me back
I feel safe and completely in control
and that my life is finally on track

I smile as people stop to compliment her
for her shapely curves and lines and form
and I marvel as she purrs with confidence
for she performs far beyond the norm

my wife knows all about this affair with Chally
about how much I love to be all alone with her
and how I am so happy and calm and relaxed
just driving to work in my new Challenger

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me and my dodge


My 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT (photo by R K House)

I’ve wanted to get a Dodge Challenger
ever since the retro style model came out
but I didn’t think that I should
since it wasn’t practical without a doubt

I loved my Chevy Camaro Z28 with H.O. engine
that I bought after I graduated college in 1984
but she was stolen from in front of my apartment
sometime in 1986 and I never saw her anymore

I almost cried when the police didn’t bother to come
as I called to report my loss on the telephone
“thar’s two interstates running through Knoxville”
the Sheriff said “so, son your car is long, long gone”

I bought a Maxda RX7 with Wankle rotary engine
and even another Camaro or two after that
but I swore to never fall in love again with my car
because I was hurt and that’s the sad fact

when I got my 2004 Inferno Red PT Cruiser
it was always a mixture of love and hate
I loved the function and retro style
but the under-powered engine just didn’t rate

now, I finally have my Dodge Challenger
and I’d love to call up my dad and tell him
all about me and my Dodge and about how
I’m back where I once was all over again

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