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lily pads are floating

Lily pads in front of the New Orleans Museum o...

Lily pads in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a burbling little brook
with water so crystal clear and new
flows slowly through the woods in my heart
on a path directly from me to you

lily pads are floating
at a pond fed by this gentle stream
down through your valley
open and spring green

this steady flow of love
will always be there
even if you build a dam
with an “I don’t care”


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soap opera joe

Little Professor

Little Professor (Photo credit: unloveablesteve)

good Rockwell calculator joe
says “hey I guess it’s time to go”
Joe wants to go out and see
the pretty miss calculator T.I. 33

poor miss calculator T.I. 33 cries
as she flashes her LEDs and lies
“sorry Joe, but I can’t get out and go
for tonight my batteries are so low”

miss calculator T.I. 33 has flipped her silicon chips
for the big iron of IBM System/360 and all his MIPS
but being the snobbish mainframe computer that he is
he will ignore her for a Data General minicomputer named Liz

meanwhile, poor old calculator Joe
tried to kill himself in the freezing cold snow
but his foolish effort was a total failure
and his owner locked him away in a bottom desk drawer

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the ballad of the spacer’s guild

Rocket Ship Galileo

Rocket Ship Galileo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we’re the first to go to explore each new star
in our mighty silver starships
we travel so fast and so very far

each mission we follow the standard plan
searching each new star system
looking for a planet were we can land

if a pretty alien damsel is in distress
first we’ll rush in to save her
then we’ll clean up all the rest of the mess

a bug-eyed monster from Altair we’ll kill
then before we leave to go on our way
some lonely alien heart we will steal

yes, we’re rough and we’re tough
been on every dangerous world in this good galaxy
and everywhere we go, we don’t take no guff

along the way, we’ll fight and save the day
cause that’s the way
that we earn our spacer pay


we love space and we love to fight
and we know wrong from right
only we will never fail or yield
we’re the men and women of the spacer’s guild

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the starmander

Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculat...

Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

let me tell you a story with all candor
down on a planet that couldn’t be any blander
there lives an evil and slimy creature called the starmander
that kinda looks like a gigantic spotted salamander

he’s a hundred miles of scales
with a hide as hard as nails
and whole universe quails
at the thought of his evil spells

he will eat an entire planet with a grin
or maybe just smash the space ship you’re in
so there’s no way that you can win
it’s only a matter of when
his evil hunger will begin again

through the depths of space he can fly
and he can destroy a galaxy with one look of his evil eye
sort of makes you wonder why
his evil heart never seems to die
and so all you can do is to cry
oh sure you can try
but there’s no place to hide that he can’t spy
the starmander is just not a nice guy

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watching the wreck


Wreck (Photo credit: anyjazz65)

in his youth he fancied himself a savior
a great idealistic leader
destined to save the world of tomorrow
from the hopelessness of today

but no one wanted to be saved

in old age he fancied himself a prophet
a kindly old gray haired sage
using wise words to warn
of the future sorrows to come our way

but no one cared to listen

so he finally fancied himself a nobody
a nondescript average man
standing silently at the side of the road
watching the inevitable wreck unfold

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missing Middle Earth

Multnomah Falls or Rivendale?

Multnomah Falls or Rivendale? (Photo credit: Serolynne)

singing A Elbereth Gilthoniel
now we long for old Rivendale
O Lorien, O Lorien
how dearly we miss Lothlorien

of Middle Earth, the first born sing
what happiness the memories bring
to Middle Earth our fair hearts yet cling

singing A Elbereth Gilthoniel
the happy times we spent in lovely Rivendale
O Lorien, O Lorien
the years went by slowly in Lothlorien

to Middle Earth where our hearts were so free
the trees, flowers and plants we long to see
for in Middle Earth the first-born will never again be

singing A Elbereth Gilthoniel
no place was sweeter than Rivendale
O Lorien, O Lorien
a place out of time was our Lothlorien

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looking for a damsel

Frank Bernard Dicksee. Chivalry

Frank Bernard Dicksee. Chivalry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tis a dark and dreary life as I gallop by
on my true and brave white steed
forever searching for a damsel in distress
or looking to do some brave deed

such is my sorry misfortune
for the damsels in distress today
can be just a little kinky
and some actually like it that way

and blindly fumbling around
in my armor in a cave in the dark
all the dragons look the same
so, it’s easy to miss my mark

a duel or joust for honor
is always fun and fair
but I’m not sure if there are
any other knights left out there

perhaps, I belong to another time
a time now lost and forgotten
so, I should now put away my armor
and join the common throngs of the misbegotten

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Narrator, Cane and Company

English: The young Hebrew David hoists the hea...

English: The young Hebrew David hoists the head of the Philistine Goliath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

walk, slip, fall
now we’re talking tall
joke, snicker, grin
thru the play you’re in

the good thing that you’ve done
besides the A you’ve won
was to show to everyone
the world can still be fun

a dirty old man with a cane
we never know his name
a loose chick in a tub
seven months, watch out bub

a hit-man named Joab
who shot poor O.J.
a red-letter dancing A
who, in the end, loses her way

a god replete with cape
who we never see
a Goliath with a yell
that can knock over a tree

an old man that can’t see
says don’t look at me
a pair of Siamese not-twins
give support for their country

the old man stumbles thru his part
looks for a closet with a heart
old narrator man what do you say?
you know you’re only in a play

and for those of us who are lonely
a pretty lady shows us the way
grab a friend and get Siamese
grab for life, if you please

a knock-out with an orange
hits his target for a change
an old man who wants a pair
there’s broccoli in the air

and pardon me toots
but this closet’s a little crowded
and a man who feels nothing
feels nothing

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calculator blues

English: My calculator, it's good to use.

English: My calculator, it’s good to use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I give you the mathematical answers every day
and do all your hard tax work along the way

you treat me like you are a ruthless task master
punching my keys so hard, trying to make me go faster

and if by accident I give you one wrong answer
you act like I have some form of calculator cancer

sorry now, but it’s time for me to go
I feel that my batteries are getting so low

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lonely is

Lonely Monkey Ape at Zoo

Lonely Monkey Ape at Zoo (Photo credit:

a rock orbiting in the void of the asteroid belt
a solitary cloud floating in a sunny blue sky
chocolate without peanut butter
an apple without a pie

the moon without life on its surface
a planet without a moon to glow at night
the sun without a star nearby to shine with
the dark without the light

a body without a soul
a father without his children
a shepherd without his sheep
a man without a woman

me without her


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the tale of the lost knight

English: Illustration of a knight in Gothic ar...

English: Illustration of a knight in Gothic armor from Concilium zu Constanz woodcut (digitized page 34 of 509) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

off on a quest goes the brave intrepid knight
looking to make his name in knightly lore
sauntering off in great expectation of defeating dragons
and looking to even the knightly score

wielding a shiny lance for battle bright
against the fiery breath that kills all life
and swinging a mighty mace with all his might
to save a lovely maiden from a dreadful strife

roar, slash, duck, wail
bleed, cry, die, fail

now as this medieval tale comes to a grisly end
there sits the dragon in a ghastly cavern, dark and deep
having swallowed the poor barbecued knight whole
but does the dragon hear yonder maiden weep?

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the lovely garden path dream

Garden path

Garden path (Photo credit: slack12)

as I wander down a lovely garden path
and watch the days of our lives stroll by
I hear the musical refrain of life
whistling in the bright blue sky

with lazy eyes I slowly look around
and see our path outlined in green
the bright sun is hidden from my eyes
while sparkling on some distant silver stream

my eyes may focus on this gentle scene
but my heart is always focused on you
I may only love you within this lovely garden path dream
but to you I’ll always be true

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what the rain doesn’t wash away

The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant ...

The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant with Noah after the Great Flood of the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
a pleasant little sound like my life so plain

drop by drop the rain keeps coming down
with our falling spirits bringing so many  frowns

at least Noah is safe and dry in his Ark
while Physicists are searching for the elusive quark

and we are so secure in our blissful ignorance
but is this vast universe really left to chance?

I suppose the questions will continue until the very end of time
with the meaning forever lost in this silly enigmatic rhyme

so just what is the lesson hidden within the rain
if things go wrong in our lives, who is to blame?

perhaps it’s time to wash away our wrongs and bow low
and start all over with a fresh rainbow

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family and friends

Mafia Guy

Mafia Guy (Photo credit: sacks08)

a private little world
where justice is always obtained
and revenge is just a matter of time

just ask him for a little favor
you’ll be forever grateful
if he’ll just kill your neighbor

he rules his world with iron will
loyalty and friendship
are your only debt
his word, the only law

there are no threats
just an offer that no one can refuse

life and death in his hands
all is family and friends

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