Original Recordings Notes

All my songs that have been converted to mp3 and uploaded are directly playable from this blog. Just hit the play button at the bottom of the lyrics on each post.

English: An audio cassette tape.

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Complete Track Listing of my original recordings from my written notes.  Sometimes, I later recorded alternative versions of the same songs, but those tapes had no notes and only one appears to have survived the years.

All music and lyrics and sound recordings © 1981-1987 Ronald K. House

Tape 9 recorded 1/18/81
Side A Side B
Missing You (instrumental)
For the Better
Long Love
In My Heart
Only You
One Moment Together
One Moment Together (continued)
Best Girls
I Know That You’re Dead
Say Something
Real-Life Situation
I Just Want To Tell You
I Remember
Please Be True
So Good, So Easy
Thunder and Fire
Alone (instrumental)
Tape 4 recorded 3/13/81 and 3/19/81
Side A Side B
Song of Man
Up and Coming
Lori Lorelei
Her Eyes
I Can’t Go On
If Only
May be (intrumental)
Lost Souls
Melancholy Mind
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming (continued)
Star Rise (instrumental)
Rock n Roll Love
If I Left You
The Glare
Live Fire
In My Reality
No Choice
Misc (instrumental)
Song of Man (reprise)
If Only (fade)
Tape 1 recorded 1/2/82
Side A Side B
Christmas Time
She’s Gone
Julie, Sweet Julie
Song of Despair
My Iron Will
In My Own Way
The Westward Breeze
A Song That Fades Away
In The Web Called Love
In The Summertime
The Silly Sunbeam Song
The End Song
Don’t Get Hooked
I Can’t Sleep Without You
Shifting Gears
Let’s Rock
Lori, My Love
A Word From Above
Tape 8 recorded 2/8/82 and 4/5/82
Side A Side B
I Must Be Strong (Cry Atlas Cry)
My Girl
Something Is Missing
I’m A Dreamer
Love Is Blind
We All Die
Please Stay
Just Pretend
That’s The Way It Goes
No Sunlight
Said the Statue in the Park
There Was a Shadow
Don’t Step On Me
A Reason
It Comes and It Goes
Tape 7 recorded 6/9/82 and 5/14/83
Side A Side B
I Know She Loves Me
Never Let You Go
The Immortal’s Song
Sister of the Sea
Hero of Tomorrow
Not a Hill of Beans
Angel Serenade (instrumental)
Normal Girl
Sometime in the Summertime
She Went Down
The Light Is Gone
Blank Beauty
In the Distance
Tall Saddles (instrumental)
So Lonely
Tape 5 recorded 1/14/83
Side A Side B
I Fell In Love Again Today
Just You, Nothing More
If Not For You
I’m Just a Lonely Dreamer
Quiet, My Lonely Heart
When You Reach Out to Me
Forever Friends
I Fell In Love Again Today (reprise)
Because Things Go On
It’s All Alright
And So Sincere
Alarmed (instrumental)
A Shadow of Truth
Let’s Get It On
I Don’t Know What to Say
Night Love
Tape 2 recorded 2/6/83 (tape was accidentally erased, a *few songs exist from a later tape)
Side A Side B
I Saw My Baby Tonight
I Need You
I’m a Fool
Who Am I?
Time Has Forgotten Me
Always Glad
My Singing Girl
Like Time and All Else*
Down We Go
Down We Go (continued)
Old Friends*
Oh I Miss My Love*
Don’t Cry Lorelie*
Don’t Let Me Go*
Sad Melody
I Can’t Get Her Out of My Mind*
Tape 13 recorded 5/23/84 and 6/14/87
Side A Side B
That Girl
Give Me Your Love
Waiting For So Long
The Most Beautiful Girl
Let’s Not Think About Tomorrow
She’s A Girl
A New Leaf
You Don’t Look So Bad
If We Wait
Pretty Girl
Shine Your Light
Dream Girl
Up and Down
Instrumental 1 and 2
I’m Just a Fool in Love
  1. #1 by RKHouse on February 6, 2012 - 10:06 am

    While at Indiana State studying for a Computer Science major, I continued to work at Oak Ridge as part of Coop Program that I had originally started while attending Purdue. I was in Oak Ridge for three Spring semesters in a row: ’81, ’82, and ’83 and summer session of ’83 before returning to school for final two semesters of studies. All the tapes except the last were recorded in Tennessee while a coop student. Two tapes in Spring 81 semester, and two and a half tapes each in the Spring 82 and Spring 83 semesters. I think the final tape was recorded in Tennessee shortly after having finished my final semester and starting to work full time in Oak Ridge.

    I had gotten a job offer way back at the beginning of my final year and accepted it. That was kind of nice because unlike most other seniors I didn’t have to worry about looking for a job. I could focus on my studies. But when I came to work a year later, the people that hired me weren’t there and a lot had changed. My new bosses weren’t sure what to do with me. Some people that I had worked with before that were now out in California asked me to join them on a temporary assignment out there. Since my new bosses had no idea what to do with me, I took that job assignment. So, I had to move all my stuff back up to Indiana to store with my parents and then fly out to California. Thus, ending my recording and song writing efforts, with the exception of one last song that I write a few years later, in 1987 when I was back in Oak Ridge again.

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